1988-1992: One Tan Arm

David Goldflies, Miles Osland, Mike Lacy, Hal Cruise

The David Goldflies Group with Miles Osland was a group based in Lexington KY. Miles was the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Kentucky and enjoyed doing community outreach projects with area musicians. I was fortunate to be chosen by Miles to be one of these outreach projects. We created a CD called “One Tan Arm” with the following line up:

David Goldflies: Bass
Miles Osland: Sax
Mike Lacy: Drums
Hal Cruise: Keys

The group started out as a Tuesday night jam band at the Z-Pub, a local watering hole in Lexington, Kentucky. All of the tunes were written on the bass and later arranged for the full band.

The CD includes 3 live tracks as well as the 8 studio produced tunes. The tune “Obsession” was written during my five year tenure with the Allman Brothers Band as an extension of the groove on the Grammy nominated instrumental “Pegasus” by Richard “Dickey” Betts. The tunes “Obsession” and “Blues Jam” were recorded live at the Z-Pub. “Lucy Paducah” was recorded at our One Tan Arm record release party at Lynaugh’s Pub, also in Lexington, Ky. It was a jammed packed night!


The exceptional musicianship of Miles Osland, Hal Cruise and Mike Lacy made making this music almost effortless. All of the sessions were live and very little overdubbing used to produce the final recordings. Long time friend and sound man Doug Patton mixed our live shows and generally spread around the excitement we all felt playing this material.

Here are a few of the tracks from the CD.

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