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Les Miserables coming up!


Lots of good notes!

This fall (2013) Gulf Coast Community Collage will be performing Les Miserables. And I get to play the bass book!! It seems to be quite a long show but I can tell from the energy being put into the production that it is going to be a great one. We open in November.


It has been a while…

I really have to update this thing more often. So here is what is on the stand this week, the week of January 7, 2013.

POPS Orchestra:

Akademische Festouverture – Brahms
Cavatia – Staney Meyers
Hoe-Down from Rodeo – Copland
New Hope – D. Goldflies (yup – that’s me!)
L’Ariesienne #4 Farandole – G. Bizet
Red Calvery March – Morton Gould
Die Hochzeit Des Figaro – W.A. Mozart (very cool Piece)
Francisco De Goya – Kevin Kaska
Die Moldau – B. Smetana
And a meddley from Les Miserables

For the Go Big and Go Home Band
An Elvis Presley Show to be performed at Gulf World

Other music on the stand
F.Simandl – Well, the last half of the bass method anyway starting a page 64.
Bach for the Young Bass Player
Bourree – J.S. Bach
J. Harbe – 86 Etudes for the String Bass
Nouvelle Technique De La Contrebasse Books 1 – Francois Rabbath

A big band chart for the Up Beat Big Band in Fort Walton Beach of Easy to Love with a killer unison section in the middle of it.

And finally A Contemporary Concept of bowing Technique for the Double Bass by Frederick Zimmermann.

And that is it. As you can see it is a big stand!


Dvorak’s New World Symphony

This first performance of the Panama City POPS 2011-2012 season will open at the Marina Civic Center with Dvorak’s New World Symphony. We had played individual movements before but this is the first time we will play all four movements. ┬áThe themes in NWS are so strong an beautiful. In the adagio is a classic bass line that just scream classical bass playing. And the third movement (my favorite) is just going to be a wild ride. This is going to be very demanding but worth it!

Our bass section had its first sectional rehearsal today and worked on the bowing and some of the more demanding phrases. I’m really lucky to have other bassists that take the music seriously enough to practice. That is very refreshing.

We also are doing two arrangements from John William’s score for the movie Jurasic Park. These are really fun to play and at one point my bass sounds like dinosaurs. Nice.

Anyway, that is what is on the stand right now.



PC POPS 4th of July

This week (6/11/11) the focus is on the Panama City POPS 4th of July show at Pier Park on Panama City Beach. Quite a bit of music and variety. A couple John Williams Pieces (The Star Spangled Banner, Band of Brothers and more), end of the 1812 Overture by none other than Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Stars and Stripes Forever, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and our end of season blockbuster the ABBA Medley Arrangement.

Steve Gilmore came by and we are working on sectional rehearsals. We have played most of this before but we both know that there is only one real rehearsal before the performance and we want to be ready.

Addtionally, Robin Downs with the Go Big or Go Home Band has given me an entire book of songs for his group. So that goes in the mix as well. Lots of shedding to do!


Permanent Stand Mates

Since I began upright bass one book has remained on the stand the entire time: F. Simandl’s New Method for the Double Bass BOOK 1.

Another frequent visitor to my stand is Bassist Francois Rabbath: Nouvelle Technique De La Contrebasse Vol.1. I love how he quickly introduces musical concepts (loud/soft, complex beat divsions, appegios, etc.)