New Hope

In January of 2013 my piece entitled “New Hope” was premiered by the Panama City POPS Orchestra, Eddie Rackley conducting. This piece started out as¬†“Remembrance”. But when we played Remembrance at rehearsal, what sounded fantastic on the composition software didn’t translate well to the live group. So a re-write was in order.

There were many happy accidents during that re-write and the piece New Hope was the result. Much more playable, full and frankly more interesting.

The premier went about as well as it could go. Don’t take my word for it. Here is the link to the video. The piece start around 4:30.

Taki, the violin and Ableton Live

A new song called “Taki” is on Soundcloud.

Here is a bit about the tune:

This song was written for and played by my good friend and great musician Takuya Horiuchi aka “Taki”. I had the good fortune of meeting and playing with him in April in a pit orchestra gig for the play Annie at GCSC. He had just left his concert meister gig with the Cedar Rapids Symphony and was exploring musical opportunities. His playing was nothing less than inspiring to ALL of us in the pit. After the gig I found myself humming this melody. Taki was kind enough to drop by the studio and record the melody. Over the last few months I have been adding “a band” to that melody.

Special thanks to:
David “Fingers” Haines – drums (please find this gentleman on YouTube- it will blow your mind!)

Amanda Matthews – Piano – who deserves special thanks for cutting this track on her last erg of energy for that day

Steve Cosper – Guitar – I finally dragged that rascal out of his house – what a great player!I am playing bass ( six string electric in this case)

And of course Taki for his inspiring violin work. You make me want to practice man!

Working in Ableton Live I have tried to make this track feel like a bunch of ¬†musicians hangin’ out playing some music. Perhaps someday all the players can get together and do a few gigs. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy it!

I’ll post a lead sheet for this soon for download.