“It’s not enough!”

“It is not enough to become masters of
music from our past.  It is
up to us to create the music of the 21st century.”

(This is a quote from a conversation I am having over and over with the great players I know from the area).

One thought on ““It’s not enough!””

  1. As someone who has been writing music since he was 14 I agree with the sentiment. I still strive to find that new “perfect” song. But, like all songwriters, I go through “dry spells,” some that last 10 years or more! It takes a strong heart, and a lot of faith, to keep on keepin’ on sometimes!
    However, as important as it is to make new music and contribute to the ever expanding force of creation that is this universe, we also have a duty to remember and keep alive the forces that shaped us! Music history is vitally important. I truly believe that the music of the 60’s and 70’s is as important as the classical compositions of Beetovan and Stravinski. “Johnny Be Good” will stand the test of time!

    John Harrison

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