In Search of a Song – New Interview!

In 2012 an old friend of mine, Rich Reardin got in touch. In the mid 1980s I had recorded some music with guitarist Larry Clyman in our group “The Duo” at Rich’s studio in Bloomington, Indiana. Some of those sessions can be heard on my page.

Rich has an impressive radio show called “In Search of a Song”, where he interviews musicians of all types. He asked if I would like to do an interview on the show. It sounded good to me. Here is the link to all three parts of the interview. Enjoy!

In Search of a Song interview with David Goldflies

3 thoughts on “In Search of a Song – New Interview!”

  1. So I walked in to my friend’s house Monday and they’re all excited – “We heard your name on NPR! Some guy from the Allman Bros. talking about how you lusted after an Olympic bass”! I just finished listening to parts 1 & 2 of the interview. Really great to hear your playing on all the live stuff with the AB’s, as well as the jazzy material from The Duo. Also very much enjoyed the interview and your thoughts/insights on playing and life. Can’t wait to hear part 3 (I think it airs very soon). And thanks for the Oh so kind words about Tom and myself!

    Hope you are well (sounds like you are).

    Best Regards,


  2. Hello David, its been along time since we have talked or seen each other, 30 plus years!
    I just listened to your interview with Rich Reardin part 1 from 9/1/2012. I remembered when you had some time to your self, and you would go out to the Colony beach resort on longboat key & get into some really great progressive jazz music jams!! You have and always will be developing & improving any type of music that you take an interest in, you have always been that way !! As you must know DDT past away & there will be a service for him 3/9/2013 in Sarasota. Contact me via-email and we will get up to speed with each other !! Always your friend from ANNA MARIA ISLAND, Tim. P.S. remember when you were doing those jazz jams and you were taking off out of state or where ever and you gave me your walkman with the recordings of the jams & told me to listen to them & let you know what I thought when you got back ? And all the BS from GA ? It’s wild even saying walkman in 2013 look how far we have advanced !!!

  3. As I remember those years, David’s musical “career” began playing with a cover band called Scarlet Macaw in Oxford, Ohio in 1974/75. Scarlet McCaw was great! Covering everything from Yes to Jethro Tull and all 70’s top 40 tunes in between. Besides David on his Rickenbacher bass, they had a great jazz drummer, an incredible guitarist, and an albino dude playing a B5 Hammond organ, as well as a really hot female vocalist! I remember because I helped haul all that equipment to gigs when I was David’s roommate in those days. Heady times, indeed!

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