Allman Goldflies Band

It’s true.  Your own website is the last one that you update. Gary Allman and I  formed the Allman Goldflies Band (AGB) about 2 1/2 years ago (February of 2016). In March of 2018, we released an album of all original music entitled “Second Chance.” We have received some great reviews and some decent airplay (and web play) We also won the LA Critics award for Best Southern Rock Band 2018.

As I finish this post we are in rehearsals for a performance with the Panama City Pops orchestra. Maestro David Ott has created orchestrations for songs from our Second Chance album as well as some classic Allman Brothers tunes – Midnight Rider and Whipping Post. The performance is set for October 13th, 2018 at Sweetbay. a new town development in Panama City, Florida. The collaboration with David Ott has been a highlight of my musical career.  It has taken me a while to not hold back on suggestions for the orchestrations he has sent for review. But he has taken my thoughts into consideration and I think the symbiosis of the AGB and the orchestra has been improved. I guess we will find out at the show!!

We are doing a four-camera shoot that night as well as a 32 track recording of the show. I’ll post some highlights of the show as soon as produce some segments.

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