New Hope

In January of 2013 my piece entitled “New Hope” was premiered by the Panama City POPS Orchestra, Eddie Rackley conducting. This piece started out as “Remembrance”. But when we played Remembrance at rehearsal, what sounded fantastic on the composition software didn’t translate well to the live group. So a re-write was in order.

There were many happy accidents during that re-write and the piece New Hope was the result. Much more playable, full and frankly more interesting.

The premier went about as well as it could go. Don’t take my word for it. Here is the link to the video. The piece start around 4:30.

3 thoughts on “New Hope”

  1. Thanks for the BHLT vids ! I’ve also recently viewed several ABB vids from your era. You know that THAT particular version of the band has been much maligned for some reason, but I must say THAT version of ABB was excellent, and your live performances especially blow me away.
    Sad about Butch, I met him a couple times, great guy. Also, the BHLT vid is the ONLY time (I think) that I have heard Chuck do a vocal ! I am currently in Japan and recently saw Jimmy Hall with Jeff Beck, great show.

  2. God’s blessings upon you and all that you put your hand to do. I met you with friends back in the Oxford days, right before Startstruck. Good to see the man who makes wonderful music. God gifted you very well!

  3. David you touched my heart with your music…met you. At a coffee shop. we were on loan I guess. But I play your song for me still…finally found my home. Sandy

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